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Serious Injuries and Auto/Truck Accident Frequently Asked Questions

I have already been contacted by several attorneys seeking to represent me for my injury – why should I choose Bocott Law Office?

There are significant advantages to having a "local attorney" – someone you can stop by and visit with and someone who can visit your home or hospital room if necessary. We also know the community, the jury pool, and the judges who will be deciding your case. We have good relationships with local physicians and physical therapy groups. You are not just a "case" or a "file" to us with a sum of money attached, but a person in our community with whom we hope to have a long-lasting relationship. We not only anticipate, but look forward to seeing you in the future, after we resolve your legal problem, and know that in order to maintain our reputation in the community and your confidence in our firm– we must provide excellent service and positive results to our clients.

Why is it important for me to hire an attorney after I have been in an accident?

Because the insurance company has already hired an investigator, claims adjuster or other professional to thoroughly investigate and evaluate the claim in order to protect themselves against a possible lawsuit. They will be prepared. What are you doing to protect your rights, to ensure evidence is preserved, and that you are prepared in case you ever need to file a claim or lawsuit against the negligent party and their insurance company?

What will it cost to visit with an attorney about my rights?

Nothing. Your only investment is your time. We will spend the time to listen to you, answer all of your questions, and fully explain the legal process of resolving your claim. In the event you chose to retain our law firm we have several options for payment. One popular option is the contingent fee. Under this option you pay us nothing until you recover. There are some cases where a percentage fee makes little sense, for instance where there is clear liability, significant damages, and low insurance coverage limits. In these cases and others, we will discuss with you the most fair and reasonable way to compensate us for our time and experience. Ultimately, it is our desire to maximize the award that YOU receive. If we do this in each case – we have succeeded. Finally, if you have already been offered a sum of money to settle a claim, we guarantee that we will obtain a greater award/settlement for you. And if the settlement offer is fair and reasonable and we do not think we can get a better result, we will tell you and will assist you in finalizing your settlement to ensure you are treated fairly at every stage.

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